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I often refer to myself as a Kindergardner. I work with my students as if they were plants in a garden.  My goal is to nurture, raise and strengthen my students so that they can grow and succeed in the future.

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Here is what's happening in the classroom. 

March 8, 2020

Language Arts

We were in unit 7.2 in Language Arts – Holidays and Celebrations. The essential question for the unit is: Why do we celebrate people and events?

We read about Thomas Edison including some children’s books and a short video.  I introduced the Creative Thinking Skill Ethics this week to apply to stories.  We reviewed multiple perspectives and change over time.

The letter of the week was the letter L and it’s sound. We came up with a list of words with L in them. We continued practicing our phonics drills.

Main Language Arts topics for the week:

  1. Identify Cause and Effect Relationships
  2. Use context clues
  3. Describe the relationship between text and illustrations
  4. Compare and Contrast Informational Texts

Other Language Arts Topics

  1. Phonics – Letter Ll
  2. Practice with prepositions
  3. Building and practicing complete sentences
  4. Vocabulary:
  5. Review high frequency words (rainbow) – go, I, like, see, the, we, can, he, has, she, a, is, has, little, and, play, you, with, for, no, big, jump, one, have and are.


Writing In Language Arts

We read several sources about the famous inventor, Thomas Edison.  Then, the students filled in a tree map over a few days.  The three parts of the thinking map were was, had, did.  Afterward, the students wrote down three sentences and illustrated a drawing.


The students have been working on composing and decomposing numbers with the use of number bonds  as well as cube sticks with numbers up to 8.  Students have also started creating simple number stories and creating an accompanying illustration to help support the number story.  Students were administered a math quiz this week.


We are learning about the 5 food groups.  We have learned about the dairy group, vegetable groups, and the fruit groups already.  Students are making pages for a “book” of the 5 food groups.  The students cut out pictures of fruit and then glued them on to a piece of paper. Our goal is to have it completed by Open House.

Social Studies

We have been learning about community helpers.  Last week we learned about nurses as well as police officers.  We read a few books and watched a kid vid of an interview with a police officer.


We will celebrate Pi Day on Friday with another rotation day.   We need cotton balls, bubble wrap, toilet paper or paper towel rolls and shoe boxes.  We will also need scotch tape.  One of the rotations is building an egg drop vehicle.  After recess on Friday, we will drop the egg drop “vehicles” off of the two story building balcony.  It’s a raucous fun time…

Have a nice weekend.

Mr. Wylie