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I often refer to myself as a Kindergardner. I work with my students as if they were plants in a garden.  My goal is to nurture, raise and strengthen my students so that they can grow and succeed in the future.

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October 19, 2019

 Hello Parents,

 50th Day is coming up soon.  We will celebrate it on Friday, November 1.  We celebrate the day by doing another rotation and we encourage students to dress up like people did in the 50’s.  I hope you can dress up your child.  Do a search on 50’s day elementary school for costume ideas.  Boys are easy, you can go for the cool James Dean look by just having them wear a white T-shirt with blue jeans that are cuffed or uncuffed and slicked back hair.  For the girls, the easiest is to have them wear a cloth hair band and a skirt, but you can go for the jeans look, but add the hair band.  Do a search and you will see what I am referring too.

 Language Arts

We  finished  the last sub unit of Unit 2 or 2.3.

  1. Retell Key Details
  2. Find text evidence: Story Events
  3. Make inferences about character
  4. Compare and Contrast Fantasy Characters


Phonics – Letter Nn and the sounds /n/.

High frequency words (rainbow) – the, we, like, I, go, see and go

Regular nouns and regular plural nouns

 We read from the 2 decodables that will be assigned for next week’s homework.   We read through a retelling of the story, “The Little Red Hen”.  For writing, we continued our dashed line writing practice.  

 I read them a story called, “Dazzle the Dinosaur”.  This is another of the stories that have a similar story line.  I asked the students if they remembered any stories with a similar storyline. The storyline is basically about a main character who is different in some way from the other characters. This makes them special by the end of the story.  Because they are special, they are able to save other characters. 


Since the word, “like” is one of our rainbow words, we used that in a sentence starter to do a writing assignment.  I gave them the sentence starter, “I like”.  Then, the students were to write about something they like to do with a relevant illustration.

 I introduced the students to beginning a line for a word with a beginning letter that matches the initial sound of the word.  So, using the letters we have learned so far, m, a, s, t and n.  For example, we would write “make” as “m____” or “sad” would be written as “s_______”.

 We reviewed the orange rainbow words: see, purple, she, brown, can, black, a, is, go, and white.  All the rainbow words are available in a PDF in flash card format (you will have to cut them up) on my website.  http://Teachndad.com Click on the Rainbow Words page.

 We continued our daily phonics practice with the Haggerty book.


We continued with numbers to 10.  We are also practicing number sentences with repetition to build fact family awareness.


We continued learning about pushes and pulls.  The students learned that a push and a pull are a force.  A force away from us is a push.  A force towards us is a pull. 

 One day we pushed objects – a ping pong ball, a golf ball, a paper clip and a small wooden block.  The students had to decide which was the easiest to push and which was the hardest to push.  The hardest to push needed the greatest force.  They had to list them in order from easiest to hardest push.

 The next day, I took 6 shoe boxes and hid items inside.  Those included a few pounds of sand, 4 water bottles, two crayons, a stuffed Cat in the Hat, a paper breakfast tray.

The students had to move the boxes and change their direction.  We discussed what which ones were hardest to pull and which were easiest to pull.  At the end of the lesson I shared with the students the contents of each box. The thrust of the lesson was that the weight of an object impacts the force that is placed on it to move it.


We learned how we should communicate and use words to share how we feel and not act out.  

Computer Lab

Students worked on matching upper case and lower case letters in several online games.



We finished painting the Monet art trees. They are on display in the classroom.


Vocal Music

Vocal music was fun.  Ask your child what they did.


We will need volunteers again for the 50th Day rotation.  Forms will go home this week. 

 Thank you so much for the reams of paper and the extra glue sticks and copy paper!

 Next week, on Thursday, the Cabrillo Marine Museum will be here with a touch tank lesson on aquatic creatures.  Students will be able to touch live aquatic animals.  I have most of the blue permission slips back from you.  Ask if you didn’t sign one and I can get one to you.  Family donations towards our PTO helped provide this unique experience.

 Have a nice week.

 Mr. Wylie