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I often refer to myself as a Kindergardner. I work with my students as if they were plants in a garden.  My goal is to nurture, raise and strengthen my students so that they can grow and succeed in the future.

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 Here is what's happening in the classroom. 

February 22, 2020

Hi Parents,

We are still in Unit 6 – Stories Have A Message. 

In Social Studies we are learning about community helpers – people who help in the community.  If you have a job you would like to share with the class, I encourage you to come speak to the class with a short presentation.  It can be a presentation of just about 5 minutes or 5 to 10 minutes with recommended realia and photos.  They are a tough crowd.  Ask me how I know.  Let me know if you are interested.

Language Arts

We read the stories of The Three Little Pigs and The Boy Who Cried Wolf during the week.  We then discussed and I completed a double bubble thinking map comparing and contrasting the wolf in both stories. 


We were learning about President Abraham Lincoln this week.  We made a directed drawing and then I asked the students to write two facts about him in sentence form. These writing samples went home in your parent folders.  You can get a sneak peek at their writing progress.  I am keeping all their writing samples in a writing folder that you will see on Open House.  The change is quite dramatic. 

We practiced spelling and sounding out words on our individual whiteboards.  We reviewed plural nouns. 

Gate - 

We continue to apply the creative thinking skills of Motive, Impact and Original to all the stories we read in class.


We are learning about composing and decomposing numbers 1 to 5.  The students made number bonds and then we started in on number stories.  A number story is a simple story that involves two different sets of objects/animals that can be added up to 5 or less.  The goal is for the students to explain their number story and prove their answer with evidence.

Computer lab

Students had practice typing lower and upper case letters using the shift key.

Social studies

With the introduction to the life of Abraham Lincoln, we started learning about (the concept of) slavery.  It’s Black History Month, so it fits in.  I read to them the story of Henry’s Freedom Box, the story of a young slave who mails himself in a wooden crate to Philadelphia to freedom in the North. We are currently about to finish up on the story of Clara and the Freedom Quilt.

We are learning about community workers.  We learned about a farmer.  We made a construction paper farmer using geometric shapes including parallelograms, squares, rectangles, and a circles. The firefighter and the farmer are now on display in the classroom.


No Health this week as we teach Health on Mondays and Monday was President’s Day. We are learning about the food groups.


Thank you to Ezra’s family for donating glue sticks to the class.  This high demand item goes fast in our class. 

As posted on our Class Story in Classdojo, we watched a very good author presentation by one of my  “go to” substitute teachers, Diane Schulte.  She authored a book on kindness.  Books are available online through her website or with an order form.  Using the order form, enables you to have the book autographed by her with a short message to your child.  I have some order forms in the classroom.

Have a great week.

Mr. Wylie