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I often refer to myself as a Kindergardner. I work with my students as if they were plants in a garden.  My goal is to nurture, raise and strengthen my students so that they can grow and succeed in the future.

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Mr. Wylie


December 21, 2019

Hello Parents,

Looks like we made it.  Reminds me of a song, LOL.

I am sure you enjoyed the holiday performance on Friday. It was fantastic!  Kylie’s mom made a video of the performance.  She sent it to me through an app to my phone, but I don’t know how to upload it to the web for you all to see.  If you know how to do this, let me know and maybe we can get it accessible to everyone.  I did show it to the class on Friday, but the quality was poor as I had to use the digital camera in the classroom while focused on  my phone screen.

I am posting grades on Schoology.  If you would like to have the passcode, you have to go to the office in person.  I cannot give it to you.  It’s like a PIN, so they want to give it to you in person.  The office will be closed during the school winter break and reopen again when we come back to school on January 13.

Here’s the latest in the class.

Language Arts

We covered the following:

Retell Key Details

Identify new meanings for familiar words – multiple meaning words

Retell story events

Identify Story Characters and Events


Other Language Arts Topics

  1. Phonics – focus on the letter Bb as well as daily oral phonics practice
  2. Review high frequency words (rainbow) – go, I, like, see, the, we, can, he, has, she , a, is, has, little, play.
  3. Review nouns
  4. Introduce high frequency words: and, you
  5. Blending sounds in words.



We started Unit 5 in Language Arts  - Technology at Home and School.  We discussed the meaning of technology as anything that people use that makes things easier.  We listed things in the home and school that were largely electronic like microwave ovens, phones, TV’s heaters, and air conditioners, blenders, etc.  We read a short article on the future of cars and the use of driverless technology.  I showed them a video highlighting the Waymo driverless taxies in Phoenix.  Then we read a short article that highlighted a jet pack as one of the ways we might get around in the future.  Despite this being a very inefficient and dangerous way of getting around, we used it as a spring board for writing.  I found some short videos on Youtube including the 1984 opening of the Olympics showing a man flying a jet pack. 

Next, we discussed what it might be like to fly like that.  We took the inspiration of the jet pack and made a story using a 3 three part flow map that was divided into First, Next, and Last.  We first made a circle map as a class listing things that could happen in the story.  We reviewed and then I let them go at it and create a three part story with illustrations only in a flow map.

After that, I introduced them to a three part tree map.  Each section would allow the students to write, yes, write… a sentence for each part of the flow map.  Finally, the students copied their sentences off the tree map onto a piece of paper.  We did not finish it this week, but the final product is a three sentence written story with a beginning middle and an end.   What we have here is the writing process - brainstorming, drafting and final copy.


We learned about capacity and volume.  Students worked on what we call cocoa math.  Students had a large diagram of a mug filled with cocoa on their piece of paper.  Then students had to count between 11 to 20 tiny marshmallows and glue them on two sides of the mug.  The only rule was that 10 marshmallows were on one side and then the difference was on the other side.  Then the students wrote a number sentence equaling the total sum. They are hanging in the classroom.


Our Science unit is still about the weather.  Students will need to know the regular forms of weather as well as the different forms of severe weather. This week’s focus was on severe weather.  We learned about tornados, hurricanes, and blizzards.  We also watched some time lapse videos of the snow squall that hit New York City this week.  We started making a severe weather book which includes the previously mentioned forms of severe weather as well as thunderstorms, and dust storms.  We looked at photographs as well as short videos and time lapse videos of blizzard conditions. We reviewed the four things we need in order to identify the weather – the sky (cloudy or sunny), windy or not, types of clothing people are wearing (temperature), and rain or snow (moisture/precipitation).  I introduced the term precipitation this week.  We will use it more when we come back to school in January.

Here are some videos we watched for showing snowfall during a blizzard over time.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5cFeUmYu98  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gYcXkpb6Zk


We talked about how we can recognize when we are stressed. The symptoms include a headache, tummy ache, rapid or fast heartbeat and sweating.  I taught the students to use TPR or Total Physical Response as a strategy to help remember these symptoms.

  1. Tummy ache – hands on tummy
  2. Both hands on side of head. Head turned down – head ache
  3. Hand on chest “flapping” over the heart – rapid or fast heart beat
  4. Moving hands open in a downward motion on the sides of the head up and down – sweating.

Next week, we will learn about how to deal with these symptoms.


Art –

We made holiday gifts for you parents. J

Computer lab

We learned to code!  It was elementary, but it gives students an idea.  You can see the sites that were used here https://sites.google.com/a/planetbravo.com/ldeweek/   Click on the letter K for Kindergarten.

Thank you

Terrific thanks goes to the team of three moms that helped with creating your child’s Rudolf T-shirt.   BTW, the T-shirts have your child’s hand prints on it as well as their foot print – a nice momento of their growth.

Thank you sooooooooo much for all the gifts from your children!!  I really enjoyed them and opening them in front of the class.

Have a very happy holiday season and I hope the New Year brings you many good things.  Your children are doing phenomenally in class.  Their writing skills have risen immensely as well as their phonemic awareness.  You should see a big jump within the next two months as the learning curve starts to climb. 

Mr. Wylie