Mr. Wylie will sometimes refer to himself as a Kindergardner.  Please note the difference in the spelling from the word, kindergartner. Mr. Wylie works with and tends to the needs of his students as if they were plants in a garden.  His goal is to nurture, raise and strengthen his students so that they can grow and succeed in the future.

Mr. Wylie is in his 22nd year teaching at Lockhurst. While at Lockhurst, he has taught grades three, four, and five, and Kindergarten for the last 5 years.  This will be his 6th year of teaching Kindergarten which he thoroughly enjoys. 27 years ago, his career began with teaching third grade for 5 years at Western Avenue Elementary School in South Los Angeles. Then, he moved to Lockhurst Charter Elementary.  

Mr. Wylie has participated in the UCLA Math Project and is a Fellow of the Social Studies Institute at the California State Dominguez Hills.  His teaching credential was completed at CSUN and he is also a graduate of UCLA. Go Bruins!

Mr. Wylie is married to another elementary school teacher and he lives close to Lockhurst Drive Charter Elementary School.  He has 4 sons ages 16 to 25 who still keep him busy. In addition to the boys, he helps to care for three cats and two dogs - a 9 month old mini Australian Shepherd and a 9 month old German Shepherd.  His interests include vintage travel trailer restoration, mountain biking, and camping.  Other enjoyable activities include rock climbing, hiking and just being outdoors.  He used to mountain unicycle. He leaves the pictures up because the students get a kick out of it. He has since moved on to two wheels.

Mr. Wylie owns two vintage travel trailers. Here is the current blog for his 1955 Rod and Reel https://scottw818.wixsite.com/vintage-rod-and-reel  (open in new tab) This trailer is currently in use. He uses it to participate in vintage travel trailer rallies in Southern California. Here is a short video that was filmed when it was being towed back from Oregon after purchase. https://youtu.be/6SqOwd4xYgw

Here is Mr. Wylie's restoration thread about the second trailer -  A 1957 Westerner travel trailer. http://vintagetrailertalk.freeforums.net/thread/3598/andy-57-westerner-restoration-thread?page=1 Here is a video the day after he brought the trailer home from Porterville, California. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHvl-DL5ksQ

Teach on.

Mr. Wylie